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The first ecosystem to combine the greatest aspects of gaming and digital collectibles

Hero Doggy is inspired by Pokemon Story, our mission is to build a comprehensive platform of digital monsters that will enable millions of individuals to participate in the NFT and blockchain-based gaming world in a simple, creative, and enjoyable way.



An International Market that combines online stores and services all around the world. Buy any goods and services with our tokens. .

Transparent and Incredible

Your interest shall be paid daily by our smart system. Interest is calculated intuitively with fast and completely automatic withdrawal. Along with this, we apply the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification system, bringing transparency and anti money laundering.

The platform to develop Blockchain

Blockchain platform is applied, developed on Binance Chain system, bringing safety for PHL Tokens.

Flexible payment

Customers could make payment with BITCOIN, ETH, USDT, etc. And if you want to withdraw your money, we, with our smart system, would support you in a fast and professional manner.


The platform

An open platform for everyone to join

Every participant could select the one to do transaction with and sign contract with them. .

Users have full access to the transactions.

Our multi-crypto exchange will do its job

Users would be able to use advanced features, view reports and read documents

By signing smart contracts, our traders would have access to transactions to directly trade cryptocurrencies, buy tokens, and verify KYC securely.

Trade and get your rewards!

Every participant could select the one to do transaction with and sign contract with them. .

Withdraw your interst daily

Bonuses are compounded by an exponential

Easy withdrawals and package upgrades

Applying flexible, transparent Blockchain technology, AI brings peace of mind to customers and investors

How to play

Owned: To participate in Hero Doggy, you must have at least one ZOAN or items. You can own in a variety of methods, including purchasing on the NFT marketplace, purchasing eggs, or purchasing from other players.

Play-to-earn: Perform daily quests to acquire more ZOON tokens and get profit while assisting Hero Doggy in escaping the Yaki empire's invasion.

Repeat: Use ZOON tokens to acquire more ZOANs with higher level to enhance your profits with Hero Doggy.


Our token proportion

Starting time

1 Sep, 2019

Token Symbol


Ending time

30 Nov, 2022

Tokens offered

15.0 M

Soft Cap

1.5 K

Soft Cap

1.5 K


10.5 M


10.5 M

Hard Cap

12.0 M

Hard Cap

12.0 M


ICO PHL is developing a global data-driven platform for the world with blockchain technology for smart contracts .


The the help from our teams, collaborators and investors, these are the major milestones we look forward to achiving.

Member of the Oparation Board

Ron Glabischnig
General Director HERO DOGGY
Stefan Zakrisson
Legal advisor, PHL Project
Michiel Berende
Insurance Team Leader & Financial Advisor
Noack Waylon
Ecosystem Managers & DevOps Engineers
Our partner




We have provided you with some information about NTF cryptocurrencies, etc right here. If you have any question, please contact us. .

Why the total supply is increasing?

- First and foremost, we are timelocked, so new tokens cannot be minted. All tokens originating from wallet 0x00000000.. are obtained as a prize when you defeat a monster. - The second point is that, as previously said, the total quantity of Tokens in Fight Monster is 140 million. Tokens are distributed at initial: 570 million tokens. - 570 million tokens + 140 million tokens = 710 million tokens. So what happens if this quantity of tokens is exceeded? We have a very clear plan for this; so far, more than 20,000 NFTs have been sold, resulting in a total of 260 million tokens gathered from the community. This tokens will continue to be used for project development (Fight Monsters, Bosses, Training, Farming, ...) - Our Max Total Supply Is 1 Billion.

We purchased the copy rights from the Unity game company, which are open to all game companies, and we developed these components based on our concept. We have the Assets Liciense:From Unity, and we already bought Image copyright for game development.

Because crypto currency has not been approved by the government in our country due to a legal issue, anonymity is required for the time being. Sushiswap and YFI are examples of successful projects with anonymous developers. In Code We Trust is a phrase used in the crypto currency area. Many projects, such as NanoDoge, continue to rug-pull when the developer is doxxed. As a result, Doxxing is a bit of a misnomer.

What is ICO?

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a method of crowdfunding in cryptocurrency projects. In each ICO, developers of the coin would create an events to sell cryptocurrency to interested investors to have fund for such project and for future development. Almost all ICOs accept payments in Bitcoin or Ethereum. .

Crowdsale are sales of Tokens of cryptocurrency in ICO stage.

Tokens are issued in the same way as shares and often take the name of the cryptocurrency when sold to investors. A new cryptocurrency could be sold in one or more Crowdsales.

1. The ICO Set-up Stage This is the stage where the company builds a database system, tokens, blockchain wallets and legalizes the Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency stocks can be either an algorithmic or an issuing coin.

2. ICO Ecosystem buiding phase This is the phase where the ICO Ecosystem begins to connect and build a community accepting payment in such Cryptocurrency or in the solutions brought about by the Cryptocurrency. For example, Ripple and Digibyte are banking ecosystems. Steem Coin is a Facebook-liked community. Multi-level marketing ecosystems include Bitconnect, Yocoin, and Onecoin. The Cryptocurrency value depends on the popularity of the ecosystem. Whether ICO becomes sucessful or not depends on a sufficiently large and sustainable ecosystem.

3. Crowdfunding stage In this stage, ICO expends the presentation of project ideas through media channels and major investment forums. At this time, it officially calls for capital by selling tokens or the first coins to investors. After receiving a large enough investment to conduct development activities to further expand the ecosystem and officially put the Cryptocurrency on the floor.

What is PHL Token?

PHL Token is a coin created by Binance Chain (BNB) platform. The coin we created is invested and developed in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). We also focuse on technology development. Together with shareholders and investors, we would create a prosperous community.

To buy Tokens you can go through a referal of others, or you can register here. There are some method you can choose according to your needs and enjoy it.

Investors and customers could completely make payment with Bitcoin, ETH, or USDT easily in the administration and portfolio based on their need.

Customers and investors who buy PHL Tokens will enjoy our privileges. Moreover, customers can receive profits up to 13% and other benefits a month by investing in us. A lot of advantages are waiting for customers. .

Who invests in PHL Tokens?

Our investors include all individuals, groups, and even you. We welcome everyone to come and invest in the Technology and to the Intelligency which bring us convenience, and the most importantly, a thriving financial community.

Investors can completely believe in us. We are an international company that has been present and developed in dozens of different countries., including the US, the UK, Korea, Japan, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. Moreover, we have an international vision to develop and build a methodical system. .

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